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The Complete Travel Developer Course

All the Tools You'll Need to Become a Remote Freelancer

Course Updated:  February 2018



Learn the web basics and how to create just about any website


Using Wordpress

An overview of the most popular website CMS in the world

Sketch 3

Learn Sketch

The most popular (and easiest) design tool in the industry today


Search Engine Optimization

Learn the basics of SEO and how to upsell your services


Marketing Strategy

Create a streamlined marketing process from start to finish


Selling Your Service

How to cold-contact potential clients in a foreign country

Project Management

Project Management

Learn to manage multiple clients from different countries while on the move

Billing & Finance

Manage your expenses and make sure your business/lifestyle runs smoothly

Remote Work

Working Abroad Hacks

Learn what to pack, safety tips, and digital nomad lifestyle design

Learn design, development, and SEO


The Blueprint to Becoming a Profitable Freelancer

Learn the Basics of How to Work Remotely with PJ Manning

Meet Your Instructor

PJ Manning is a self-taught, full-stack developer and small-business consultant. Over the past 6 years, he has worked with 30+ businesses creating websites and iOS applications while also providing business consultant services from SEO and digital marketing to strategy and pricing.  He has a unique perspective having worked with boutique hotels in Costa Rica, to the fastest growing e-commerce website in the world.

Phil Manning

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

An Easy to Follow 3 Step Solution on How to Become a Digital Nomad


Gain the technical skills to pay the bills

The first step to launching a successful freelance career lies in the mastery of technical skills.  By taking the Travel Developer Course, you'll become a Designer, Developer, and SEO Marketer by learning with hands-on projects.

Web Development


Create and manage your own Freelancing business

Learn how to run your own business.  From marketing and sales, to finance and project management, having your business run on autopilot will help keep you worry-free while working and traveling the world.

Busy Desk


Learn the ins & outs of digital nomad lifestyle

With your newfound skills and business up and running, the final step is to learn how to be a 'digital nomad'.  This includes what tools to use (software and hardware), when and where to work, and how to grow your remote business while on the road.

Plus $300+ worth of freebies!


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This is for you if...

  • You want to learn remote skills that will allow you to become a freelancer and start your own business
  • You don't have any web design/dev skills and want to become a desired employee
  • You're unsure what type of career you want to get into - so you want to learn a lot of different skills.
  • You have a business but you don't know how to create a website for it
  • You hate your current lifestyle (job, city, etc.)  You want a fresh start somewhere else doing something else.
  • You have some great ideas but you don't have the money to pay someone else to build them
  • You have a job but you want to make some more money on the side part-time
  • You don't have the confidence to talk design, development, SEO and marketing and want to impress friends, family, and/or coworkers
  • You're a freelancer, you have a​ skill, but you're having a hard-time committing to it full-time

Who shouldn't enroll

  • Anyone looking to get rich quick.  Freelancing is hard work, but work you're going to love doing every single day!
  • You don't want to learn how to design, code, and build websites
  • You have the time for trial and error and would rather teach yourself and save a few $$$
  • You already have a skill and/or job you love, you just want to become a freelancer (then check out our Remote Freelancer course)
  • You're looking for a very technically advanced course on any of the languages mentioned.
  • You don't really like working online or with computers and don't like learning new things
  • You don't think freelancing is a good career choice and don't believe freelancers make more per hour than salaried workers
  • You're a successful web development freelancer, and don't need a step-by-step process to get clients

Course Plans

All plans include free updates for life with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Done for you

Personal Coaching

The Done For You coaching service is a in-depth program where PJ works directly with you to start your own freelance business.  All legal set up, project management, financial systems, and lead generation are set up for you to hit the ground running.

  • Everything in Freelancer...
  • 1:1 VIP Support

  • $300 worth of freebies

no spots available

remote developer


Be a Remote Developer

  • Introduction to Freelancing
  • ​HTML, C​SS, JS Basics
  • Design with Sketch

  • Domains and Hosting
  • ​Installing WordPress
  • ​Start a Site from Scratch
  • ​Upselling with SEO
  • ​Marketing in a New Country
  • ​Cold-Contacting Clients
  • ​Pricing Strategies
  • ​Managing Multiple Projects
  • ​Managing Financials
  • Contracts & Billing
  • ​Digital Nomad Toolkit
  • ​Utilizing Your Works​​​​pace
  • ​Where to Work
  • Personal & Material Safety
  • Lifestyle Design
  • ​Additional Income
  • ​​​​Community Forum

  • Travel Developer Docs

  • Freebies

one-time payment

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